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Large Throw Memory Quilt

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Hugging a Large Throw Memory Quilt is heartwarming and healing!

  • 60" X 85" - Large Throw Memory Quilt uses about 15-25 men's shirts or other articles of clothing. 
  • Your purchase reserves a spot on my Quilt Waitlist. Once I receive your clothing I can schedule your quilt work.
  • Each Memory Quilt is custom-made with different quilt designs and to your specifications.
  • Made with 3 layers, a quilt top, batting, and a quilt cotton fabric or fleece back and finished with a durable quilt binding edge.
  • Straight Lines of Machine stitching hold the 3 layers together.
  • Make your Memory Quilt even sweeter with Custom Embroidery!
  • The best time to add Memory Pillows and Holiday Memory Ornaments is while I have fabric scraps from creating your quilt order.
  • Still, have questions? see the FAQ page for more answers

Let the healing begin with a Large Throw Memory Quilt today!