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SMALL THROW T-shirt Quilt

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SMALL THROW T-shirt Quilt

40" X 60" (crib size) or 50" X 50" square. 

Requires 15-18 Adult size tees or 20 baby clothing items.


How to get started:
  • Purchase a QUILT DEPOSIT in the size that matches your t-shirt amount or best fits your needs.
  • A Deposit places your quilt order on my Quilt Waitlist.

What happens next:

  • Look for a Confirmation email with a T-shirt Quilt Form.
  • Please print and sent the Form with your box of clothing.
  • This T-shirt Quilt Form also has info on how to prepare your tees and where to ship and what to send.
  • Look for an email when your tees have arrived safely at my home and with an estimated time on when your quilt work is scheduled.
  • Once I start on your order if I have any questions I will text for the information.
  • When your quilt order is finished the balance will be collected before your custom-made quilt ships.
  • How it's made:
  • This quilt uses more than T-shirts allowing you to use up more of your clothing collection. See a list of clothing ideas here.
  • Finished with a solid color fleece on the quilt back giving the quilt a cozy blanket-like feel.
  • The 2 layers of t-shirts and fleece backing are stitched together with straight lines outlining the t-shirt edges.
  • All supplies are included in the price. So no need to shop for fabric before you ship your tees!
  • Your quilt is washable and is made to be hugged and used every day