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Final Four and T-shirt Quilts

It has been a crazy road to the Final Four. One by one all the top seeds have fallen. Everyone’s brackets have been blown apart. But this weekend we will see the Final Four go down to the final champion. Who will it be Oklahoma or Villanova, North Carolina or Syracuse? Surprised I’m talking about basketball? What does basketball have to do with T shirt quilts? A lot, because I make Sport T Shirt Quilts.

  • Final Four T shirt Quilt


This week I worked on a T shirt quilt order that had all Final Four basketball tees. The timing of this quilt couldn’t have been better. It is 2 decades of Final Four history from 2006 to 2015. Just think about all the last second shots. All those amazing overtimes. Win and you go on. Lose and you go home.

It was while working on this quilt that I started to think about my strange combination of things that I love. I’m a t shirt quilt maker who loves sports as much as I love to sew. Kinda strange right? I know. But its true. For me making t shirt quilts is the best of both worlds. I get to sew t shirt quilts filled with sports tees. It’s a winning combination. I have the perfect job for me.

  • Sport T shirt Quilts

The majority of my custom T shirt quilt orders are for high school athletes. Many are one sport athletes, but I have made quilts for 3 sport athletes.  It’s a fun way to save all those memories from all those high school sporting events. Give it as a graduation gift or just in time for your student to take to college. Its a great way to take a little bit of home while away at college. However, there is never a bad time to give a t shirt quilt. No matter how old the tees get, the memories are always there.  Just seeing and touching the clothing brings back all those fun and exciting moments.

I also know about sports t shirt quilts because I’m a sports mom. Specifically basketball and volleyball. Believe me I know how many tees and sweatshirts you acquire from having an athlete. In fact that’s how my t shirt quilt business got started. My own kids had some much clothing from all their sporting events that I needed to find a way to re use all the bags of tees we had in the house.  Good thing I know how to sew! Or those bags of clothing would still be sitting in closets.

Are you a sports mom looking for someone to create your high school athlete a sport t shirt quilt? Bring it on, I would love to take a box of tees and turn it unto an amazing t shirt blanket for your student athlete! Here is how you can work with me. 


In the comments below let me know who you are cheering for? Oklahoma, Villanova, North Carolina, or Syracuse. Or add a comment if you are in need of a t shirt quilt for your student athlete.

 Here’s to cheering on your favorite team or athlete!   


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