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Shipping+ Return + Cancellation + Privacy Policy at Replay Quilts

Find the following information about Shipping, Returns, Canceling an Order and Privacy Policy at Replay Quilts

What about shipping costs?

The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping clothing to Replay Quilts or can make arrangements via email or text message to drop off clothing to my home.

I offer FREE shipping of your finished quilt or pillow and any unused clothing that wasn't used in your quilt back to the customer. 

Shipping insurance is added to ensure safe delivery of your quilt or pillow keepsake.

I use UPS Ground or USPS Priory Mail shipping services.  


What is your return policy?

All products are custom-made so I do not offer returns/exchanges/refunds.

Using good communication between the customer and the quiltmaker = a happy customer!

In the event I’ve made a mistake in creating your quilt or pillow  (for example,  an open seam or missed seam), please contact me as soon as possible.

I will have you return your quilt or pillow via shipping or drop off at my home so I can correct or repair the seam.

I will cover the cost of shipping to return the repaired quilt or pillow back to you.


Can I Cancel my Quilt Order and receive a Refund?

In the event that a customer decides to cancel an order before the quilt work has started.

The customer will receive a refund of their payment minus bank and credit card transaction fees.


What is your Privacy Policy?

I respect your privacy and will not use or sell your information to 3rd parties. You can opt out of receiving any more emails or information.