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About Julie Moss - Quiltmaker at Replay Quilts

Julie Moss - Quilt Maker - Replay Quilts - T-shirt Quilts

A quilt is a hug, a touch of love and little bit of home.


A Sports Mom that Loves to Sew T-shirt Quilts

At an early age I learned how to sew from my Home Ec. teacher mom. By following her example of perfection and paying attention to details my love of sewing soon became a personal passion.

With a growing family of my own, I soon had a pile of sports tees in my home. It was a natural reaction for me to stitch together and save all the memories resulting in Sport T-shirt Blankets for my own kids.

The reward of seeing all those hectic sports years come full circle for both the parent and the student athlete in a T-shirt Quilt is priceless! There is no better gift than to see your smiling, happy kid with all their sports memories wrapped around them. It's the perfect quilt hug they can take with them wherever they go and it reminds them of your love and a little bit of home.


Memory Quilts custom-made at Replay Quilts

15 years later and my life and business has grown and evolved. When I started Replay Quilts I was a sports mom looking to serve sports parents and their student-athletes. After a few years, a request came from a returning customer for a Memory Quilt or Memorial Quilt made from her father's clothing.

Always up for a sewing challenge, I made my first Memory Quilts for her family. In the process I learned how many emotions a grieving family goes through when they have a Memory Quilt made. I now understand the healing powers of cuddling with a quilt made from a loved one's clothing, filling the void left behind and the need for a hug from a loved one who has passed away. 


Replay Quilts moves from Colorado to Nevada

After 41 years of living in Colorado it was time for a change. My husband retired from his behavioral health management position and we made the move from Colorado to Mesquite, Nevada in November of 2022. We are now "semi-retired", still working but at a much slower pace while taking the time for walks in the warm winter of southern Nevada.

At Replay Quilts:

  • I believe it takes teamwork between the customer and the quiltmaker to create a T-shirt or Memory Quilt the customer will use and LOVE!
  • I'm honored to tell your quilt story by stitching together your valuable clothing to showcase the story of your family.
  • I believe in repurposing favorite tees + clothing to give fabric a second life to protect and save our Earth.


Fast Facts about Julie

  • I married my 6’10” high school sweetheart. Together we have 4 adult children and 3 handsome grandsons.
  • I enjoy walking/hiking, reading a good book and cuddling with my tuxedo cat, Tippy.
  • It took 10 years after I started my business before I made a T-shirt Quilt for myself!
  • Moss Re-Creations was my last business name before I changed it to Replay Quilts. So if you search for Julie Moss but the business name is different, that is why!!
Colorado T-shirt Quilt by Julie Moss of Replay Quilts



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