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Creating a Sports T-shirt Blanket is like running a Relay Race

Creating a T-shirt Blanket is like running a Relay Race

Creating a T-shirt Blanket is like running a relay race. Each runner in the race must pass the baton to the next runner before the final runner can cross the finish line. 

Just like a Relay Race the baton or T-shirt collection must be passed from person to person until the completed T-shirt Blanket crosses the finish line.

relay - runner - in - blocks - with - baton

Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash

4 runners make up the relay team

Just like a relay team 4 people are needed to complete a T-shirt Blanket 

Runner #1 – Your student-athlete participates in youth sports, club sports, high school sports and maybe college sports working hard on teams and earning tees and sports gear. Making many sports memories along the way.

Runner #2 – The sports mom is very active in this first step. No student-athlete made it to their sports activities without the sports Mom driving them, preparing food, keeping track of the schedule, doing laundry and so much more. But while all the sports activity was happening, the Mom had the foresight to save the tees and clothing. She has an idea that someday there will be a quilt made with all this gear.

Runner #3 – The quilt-maker. This is where the clothing is passed to your T-shirt Quilt Maker. Your quilt-maker does the supply shopping, cutting, stitching, fusing interfacing to t-shirt backs, sewing, laying out and designing the quilt top for you.  But most of all, she knows how important all the clothing is. How each clothing piece has a story behind it and she is honored to preserve all the memories in a T-shirt Quilt for your student-athlete!

Runner #4 – The anchor leg. Crossing the finish line for the win is when your child receives the gift of a finished Memory Quilt! The idea is now an actual quilt made of a patchwork of tees that is more valuable than you can put into words. It holds memories for the giver as well as the receiver. It triggers an "instant replay" in your head while looking at each individual t-shirt square. It’s unique, personal and tells their sports story!  It’s a true celebration of your child's sports life!

So you see, I'm just one person on your relay team in creating your T-shirt Blanket for your student-athlete.

As a T-shirt Quilt Maker, I'm ready to except the baton (or sports gear) to stitch your memories together for you and your student-athlete in a priceless sport T-shirt blanket you will cherish.

Have fun making those sports memories!


Quiltmaker at Replay Quilts

PS. How many t-shirts does it take to make a quilt or T-shirt Blanket? I will answer that in my next blog post.

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