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New Year, New Decade, New Name - REPLAY QUILTS

 by Julie Moss

"Stitching sports memories into T-shirt Quilts"


Drumroll, please...

Julie Moss is changing her business name from Moss Re-Creations to Replay Quilts!

After almost a year of searching for the right combination of words to create a new name. I stumbled upon the phrase “instant replay” and a light bulb moment happened.

Although a T-shirt quilt is by no means created in an “instant”. A T-shirt Quilt is a “replay” of your sports story. Just one look at a tee and I'm sure you can tell me where you were, who you were with, the score of the game and so much more. Your t-shirt triggers an "instant replay" of a sporting moment!

A Sports T-shirt Quilt is a winning combination of all those sporting moments (or t-shirts) stitched together to tell your sports story.  It shows your love for the game, hard work, dedication, commitment, and teamwork. All those life skills we learn from playing a sport. A treasured keepsake blanket filled with memories you can to touch, cuddle and hold. 

So if you are a former customer I want to Thank You again for supporting my T-shirt Quilt business. I hope you are still enjoying the quilt that was stitched for you or your loved one and I would love for you to share the good news about my new business name and the quality of my T-shirt Quilt work.

If you are new around here. I hope someday you will be ready for Julie at Replay Quilts to stitch a Sports T-shirt Blanket for someone you love.

As always, it’s a joy to serve you, to create for you, and tell your sports stories in a T-shirt Quilt.

Have a good one!


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