How is a Memory Quilt different from a T-shirt Quilt? 
A Memory Quilt is created from the saved clothing of someone who has passed. Also referred to as "Memorial Quilts" these quilts are created as a special tribute to loved ones who touched our lives and to provide huggable comfort to those left behind.
Examples of the clothing pieces used to create a Memory Quilt top are button-down shirts, flannel shirts, Hawaiian shirts, blue jeans, robes, dresses, ladies' skirts, and more.
I offer traditional or modern quilt design choices for these special quilts. Quilt design choices can be as simple as repeating 8" squares or more complex as stars.
A Memory Quilt Deposit saves a spot on my Quilt Waitlist and allows flexibility once the quilt design and size have been decided.
A phone consultation with Julie will determine your quilt design, and size, plus find out what clothing will be used in your quilt order.
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