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A quilt is a hug, a touch of love and little bit of home.

I am a Sports Mom

After 5 years of hectic high school and club volleyball schedules, my daughter pulled a garbage bag full of old volleyball clothing out of her room and told me to donate it.

She was heading off to college with a volleyball scholarship and would receive new college volleyball clothing.

In the moment she didn’t think the clothing was important but I saw the memories attached to the clothing. I never donated the bag of clothing and instead I gave those sports memories back to her in a volleyball t-shirt quilt giving her a little bit of home while she was away at college.


I’m a Sports Mom that loves to sew

At an early age I learned how to sew from my Home Ec. teacher mom. Sewing became a personal passion that grew into several sewing and embroidery businesses.

With a growing pile of sports tees in my own home, it was a natural reaction to re-purpose sports clothing into a T-shirt Quilt filled with memories for my own daughter.

It was such a heart-warming experience that 14 years ago I decided to use my sewing talent to help other busy sports moms by creating a modern T-shirt Quilt reusing many different types of sports clothing for their athletes.

I know sports moms are sentimental and very proud of their student-athletes. So it's very rewarding to see all those hectic sports years come full circle when you give a hug, a touch of love and a little bit of home back to your child in a Sports T-shirt Quilt.


Replay Quilts adds Memory Quilts

As the years have passed. My life and business has grown and changed. When I started I was a sports mom looking to serve other sports parents and their student-athletes. I still love creating sports T-shirt Quilts for my customers but soon there was a request for a Memory Quilt or Memorial Quilt from a returning customer.

Always up for a sewing challenge I said "yes" and a new quilt product was born. Since making that first Memory Quilt I have thoroughly embraced the love behind a Memorial Quilt. I now understand the healing powers of cuddling with a loved one's clothing filling the need for a hug from someone who is gone. 

A New Chapter in Life

After 41 years of living in Colorado it was time for a change. My husband retired from his behavioral health management position and we made the move from Colorado to Mesquite, Nevada in November of 2022. We are now "semi-retired", still working but at a much slower pace while taking the time to enjoy lots of walks in the warm winter of southern Nevada.

At Replay Quilts:

  • I believe it takes teamwork between the customer and the quiltmaker to create a T-shirt or Memory Quilt the customer will use and LOVE!
  • I'm honored to tell your quilt story by stitching together your valuable clothing to showcase the story of your family.
  • I believe in repurposing favorite tees + clothing to give fabric a second life to protect and save our Earth.

Fast Facts about Julie

  • I married my 6’10” high school sweetheart. Together we have 4 adult children and 3 handsome grandsons.
  • I enjoy walking/hiking, reading a good book and cuddling with my tuxedo cat, Tippy.
  • It took 10 years before I made my own T-shirt Quilt!
  • I have changed my business name 5 times!!! From Mossflower Embroidery, Moss Sportwear and Embroidery, Moss Quilts and Embroidery, Moss Re-Creations and now to Replay Quilts. So if you do a search for Julie Moss but the business name is different, that is why!!
Colorado T-shirt Quilt by Julie Moss of Replay Quilts
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