Replay Quilts are created one at a time by Julie Moss

Gathering Memories

When your tees and clothing arrive in my Colorado, smoke-free home, an email is sent letting you know your items have arrived safely.  I move your items to a plastic tub labeled with your name, to ensure that your clothing stays safe until I'm ready to work on each quilt project one at a time.

Julie Moss - Replay Quilts - Cutting - T-shirts


Prepping your Quilt

I cut T-shirt pieces to fit the size of the graphic on the tee shirt. I fuse the pieces with a light weight knit interfacing on the back of the tees to stabilize the soft t-shirt fabric. The interfacing makes it easier to assemble and reinforces t-shirts if they are well worn. I then lay all the different sizes of cut pieces on a large table, arrange, and move around until I happy with the design. I then add blank solid t-shirt pieces of t-shirts (or printed filler pieces) to fill in open spaces. This process of designing the quilt top is like solving a giant puzzle. The goal is to have every t-shirt piece be in balance both in color and in size and fit back together to form the quilt top.


Stitching the Memories Together

The t-shirt pieces are stitched together. A solid color of plush fleece is used on the back of the quilt.  I stitch together the two layers of the (quilt top and the back fleece) with a straight line of machine stitching around the edges of all the T-shirt pieces. These stitches hold the two layers together so your finished quilt is durable, user friendly and washable. There is no quilt batting between the two layers, producing a very soft and touchable quilt.


The Finished Keepsake

Your final T-shirt quilt product will not be stiff and will feel more like a soft cuddly t-shirt blanket. The fleece edges are turned and stitched down onto the quilt front, making a soft edge about two-inch wide around your quilt edge.  You will find a Replay Quilts label and care tag sewn onto the quilt back. If there are any unused t-shirts, I will ship them back with the finished quilt.

Julie Moss - Hands - at - sewing - machine - Replay Quilts