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LARGE THROW T-shirt Quilt

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LARGE THROW T-shirt Quilt

Very Popular size!

60" X 85" - Requires 25-30 T-shirts

  • Purchase a QUILT DEPOSIT based on the number of tees you want to use or what quilt size best fits your needs.

  • Multi-sized pieces are cut to the size of the t-shirt graphic and uniquely placed to use more tees than a standard grid-style t-shirt quilt giving it a sporty and modern look. 
  • This quilt uses more than T-shirts allowing you to use up more of your clothing collection.     See a list of Clothing ideas here.
  • A solid color plush fleece or sweatshirt fleece is used on the quilt back so the quilt has a cozy blanket-like feel. 
  • All Quilts are quilted with straight-line stitching around the edges of the t-shirt pieces to hold the layers together.
  • Supplies for creating your quilt are included in the price so NO shopping for fabric before sending your tees.


  • Look for a Confirmation Email after you purchase your Quilt Deposit.
  • Print the Quilt Information Form included in the email and add it to your shipping box with your tees and clothing.
  • Follow instructions on how to label and mark your clothing and suggestions on what can be used in your quilt.
  • Ship your Box and look for an email letting you know that your clothing arrived safely and an approximate time for when you quit will be created.
  • When your quilt work gets started, look for text messages with photos and or questions to clarify your order and communication on how it's progressing.
  • Once your quilt order is complete, the final payment is collected, and your quilt ships back to you for FREE!!!