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CSU Rams Medium Throw T-shirt Quilt by Replay Quilts

MEDIUM THROW T-shirt Blanket

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Medium Throw T-shirt Blanket is the perfect cuddle size for one person! 

  • Our Best SELLER is a popular size - 50" X 70"
  • Medium Throw uses 20-25 of your favorite T-shirts.
  • Your purchase reserves a spot on my Quilt Waitlist. Please include this form when you ship your clothing.
  • Once I receive your clothing I can schedule your order.
  • Created by using different shapes of t-shirt pieces and uses more tees than a standard grid-style t-shirt quilt giving it a sporty and modern look. 
  • Here is a clothing list of ideas if you are a sports parent.
  • Finished with a solid color plush fleece or sweatshirt fleece on the quilt back giving the quilt a cozy blanket-like feel. 
  • The pieced interfaced t-shirts and fleece backing are held together with straight-line stitching outlining the edges of the t-shirt pieces.
  • Your quilt is washable and is made to be hugged and used every day
  • Make your T-shirt Quilt even sweeter with Custom Embroidery!
  • Still, have questions? see the FAQ page for more answers

It's time to get your tees out of boxes and made into a T-shirt Quilt you can cuddle and love!